Tom Albanese is the owner of the award-winning production company Mad Hat Entertainment, based in Los Angeles.  His films have won awards including "Best After Hours Short" at the 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival, "Best Short Film" at Germany's 33rd Fantasy Filmfest & "Best Screenplay" at FilmQuest.   His work has been selected for dozens of festivals including the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island & HollyShorts festivals, BAFTA accredited LA Shorts and top Melies-qualifying genre festivals including as Fantasy Filmfest, Brussels Fantastic, & Imagine.

Awards & Selections



Winner: Audience Award, "Best After Hours Short Film" at the 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival
Winner: "Best Short Film" at the 33rd Fantasy Filmfest
Winner: Grand Prize, "Best Fantasy Short Film" at the 20th Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival by Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival
Winner: "Best Screenplay" at the 6th FilmQuest
Winner: "Best Comedy Short" at the 21st International Family Film Festival

Winner: "Best Romantic Comedy" at the Sydney Indie Film Festival

Winner: "Best Comedy Short" at the Lionshead Film Festival

Winner: "Best Supporting Actor" at the Lionshead Film Festival

Nominated: "Best Fantasy Short" at the 6th FilmQuest

Nominated: "Best Short Film" at the Maryland International Film Festival

Nominated: "Best Short Film" at the Love International Film Festival

Nominated: "Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Film" at the Windy City International Film Festival

Nominated: "Best Screenplay" at the Sydney Indie Film Festival

Nominated: "Best Actor" at the Roswell Film Festival

Nominated: "Best Performance in a Short Film, Young Actor" at the Young Artist Awards

Nominated: "Best Young Actor 11 and Under - Short Film" at the Young Entertainer Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS at the Cleveland International Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest, HollyShorts, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Imagine Film Festival, FilmQuest, Dragon Con International Film Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival, Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Maryland International Film Festival, the International Family Film Festival, CRASH – Mostra Internacional de Cinema Fantástico, Pittsburgh Shorts, Sydney Indie Film Festival, Love International Film Festival, Portland Underground Film Festival, Windy City Film Festival, Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival, KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, Lionshead Film Festival, Zamoxis Short Film Showcase, Roswell Film Festival, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Yonkers Film Festival.

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